The Enchanting Appeal of Crystal Cave in Kupang

The Enchanting Appeal of Crystal Cave in Kupang

A mesmerizing play of light and dark shades of blue emanates from the water pool within Crystal Cave. White rocks come into view as the lamps cast their glow onto the water below. The panoramic view of Crystal Cave almost beckons us to step into the water.

At first glance, it's hard to believe there's a hidden pool with a gradient of light and dark blue when seen from the cave's entrance, especially in the absence of illuminating light.

The concealed water pool lies behind the crevices of the cave's karst rocks, stretching from north to south with dimensions of approximately 10 meters by 3 meters. Reaching it requires extra effort, navigating down the slippery rocks for about 20-25 meters.

The distinctiveness of Crystal Cave lies in its small pool, which boasts a depth of more than 8 meters. The water is exceptionally clear and refreshingly cool, with no presence of mud or litter within the cave.

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