Exploring Mount Fatuleu in Kupang

Exploring Mount Fatuleu in Kupang

The unique mountain air, characterized by verdant and thriving vegetation, enhances the captivating ambiance of this mountain. Despite its designation as a 'mountain,' it is essentially a hill composed of rocks with an elevation of 1,111 meters above sea level (Mdpl).

To relish the natural beauty surrounding Mount Fatuleu, visitors can ascend 1,500 steps. At its summit, one can witness the beauty of East Timor Island from an elevation of 875 meters above sea level (mdpl).

Mount Fatuleu is situated approximately 60 km east of Kupang City, precisely in Nunsaen Village, Fatuleu Tengah District. The mountain presents enchanting natural scenery, a visual treat for its visitors. Positioned on this rocky mount, tourists can appreciate the surrounding landscapes. For nature enthusiasts, camping or rock climbing are feasible activities.

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