Try to Long stay in Bali Indonesia

After visiting Jakarta and Bandung, I decided to go to Bali, one of the most visited islands in Indonesia by tourists from around the world. Bali has a lot of beautiful places to visit, wonderful beaches, and amazing mountain views. But for me, Bali is just another beautiful place on Earth that you should visit.

The first week in Bali feels great. I got a chance to meet a lot of people from around the world, making friends with individuals from different parts of the globe. However, after two months until now, to be honest, I don't really feel that I belong in this place.

Or maybe it's just me who does not know how to fit in properly, but in the meantime, I probably will stay around for a while. Anyway, I have already chosen to stay here in Bali, so I have to stick around and find out more about Bali. There are still a lot of beautiful places in Bali that I have never visited before in my life.

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