Nyepi In Bali Indonesia

Today is quite different from few days before, when I got here in bali Indonesia, couple days ago people in bali Indonesia are preparing for their nyepi day so I quite a little bit curious about nyepi so I ask my land lord he said there going to be a day with complete silence.

Meaning no light, no one is allowed to walk around, but the day before there will be a an ogoh ogoh celebration, ogoh ogoh is a a big statue made by soft and light material by the baliness, that represent every evil form who walk on earth.

So the celebration begin, bali is devided into several region or district and the Balinese call every district with banjar, so every banjar will bring their ogoh ogoh, so a group of people from a banjar  bring their ogoh ogho, a man called dalllang will pray and lead the ceremony to call the evil force to enter the statue and when theyevil form is trap in the statue they wiil burn the the statue  or the ogoh ogoh, the baliness believe that the evil form will flew away as they burn the ogoh ogoh.

The ogoh ogoh ceremony is quite crowded, people are gather to the place where the ogoh ogoh ceremony was held, not only the local people but many people from other place are gather that moment, many tourist from around the world are also come and watch the ogoh ogoh.

Form me it was so nice to see the beauty of it, the ogoh ogoh was hand made by the baliness, they were so perfectly created, and also it took weeks or even month to create an ogoh ogoh, it was so nice to see how the ogoh ogoh was made, most of the ogoh ogoh are at least 5 meter tall or even taller.

And exactly after the ogoh ogoh ceremony, people are go home to get some rest, and the next morning no one is allowed to go out their room or house everybody needs to be quite, and also nyepi means silence until the night come all the lights are went out, no one was allowed to turn on any light it’s like a total black out.

So I stay at my room and try to feel what nyepi is like is was so good feels like you forget everything, it was a moment for you to stay calm in dark and fell nothing but the sound of nature bird sing, the wind blows, no one was talking, feels like empty your head from all the noises around you.

It’s like you are not in this planet earth for one day, it was so dark you can’t see anything other than black and darkness even if you open your eyes all you see is darkness around yourself for me it was the right moment to think and calm down from the world activity.

It was so nice so quiet and also a calming night that is really good for me to let go all the problem that I have in my mind and my heart that I keep for quite long god moment in my life, that makes me feel so much better, it’s not all about religious but for me it’s all about let go every anger pain and suffer that you keep in you.

One moment in our life we will fell that moment, no one is there for you and you will be stronger to face the world all by yourself, imagine you travel to another part of the world all by yourself, and you have to survive.

And that remind me of things that we have in this world it just temporary, everyone will die and probably no one will remember you so what’s the point of showing off, you will leave everything behind, everything that you have in this world right now, all will be gone when you die.

It remind us not to be jealous with any one, there are people on the other part of the world are so misfortune, they don’t have a place to stay don’t have something to eat don’t have any money, or even a cloth to put on.

That teach us how to be grateful for what we have right now, if you have something to eat be grateful, if you have a roof over your head be grateful if you have money to buy food with be grateful don’t underestimate other because they don’t have anything.

Even if you are a billionaire, when you die you will become none again you can’t bring all your money with you.

There are moment in our life that we should meditate and look back for the things that we did in the past, and we should let it go I think forgive and forget is a great things to do to run a happy life, forget all your problem let go of every anger inside of you.

Live here and now is the best thing we should do, forget about yesterday, and don’t think about tomorrow, cause the anger from past will bring you pain, and worried about tomorrow will give you anxiety, you can’t live a happy life if those things are bothering you every day.

Feel everything around you whatever it is, it just today no one knows what is coming tomorrow, is it going to be painful or is going to be happy, it's not our job to think about, there is a saying if you live your live with pain and anger, that’s mean you live in the past, and if you live with worried you live in the future, but if you live happy that’s mean you live today.

Balinese has a religion and believe that are good to run your life, like mindfulness, live side by side with the nature, whatever it is let us be honest with our self, mother nature has feed us form long time ago, like fish from ocean there are a lot of them, you can feed yourself by catch a fish, fruit who grow on earth.

As a human being we should be grateful for what mother nature has provide for us, again it is not about religion but it is all about be grateful for everything we have right now, sometimes we just forget, so many times we just don’t realized for what we already have right now.

We always want more than everything that we already had right now, kind a little bit looks like greedy, cause we always want more, I’m not a righteous person but I learn my lessons, I realized that life already told me well about the lessons of life.

When it comes to Balinese nyepi day, makes me realized about the true meaning of life, can you imagine a total black out in one day, no one around you, what food you got in your house that is all you can eat, and you have to be wise with your food or you will get hungry, cause you finish all your food.

Also remind me about money, even if you have a lot of money you can’t spent it anywhere, that’s mean a lot to me, lay down everything even your pride about your money, cause money are worthless at that moment, feels like you are reborn on this planet earth.

There are so many things in life that sometimes we forget to realize, or we forget to be grateful, people always think that we are better than anyone else on this planet but let us be honest with our self, that is just our true nature, a human nature.

As we see other people are better than we are, we always want to better than that person cause we think we can overlap a person by showing what we got, there are things in life that we couldn’t handle not everything in life we could control, not everyone we can control.

And we also don’t want other to control our self, because we don’t like other to tell us what to do, as we see now there are things in life we would like other to see in our self, and then we become proud full with our self and we start to underestimate other people because we think we are better than they are.

By showing what we got to other that doesn’t mean that we are better than anyone else but we should be grateful for what we have right now.

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