Pantjoran Chinatown Pantai Indah Kapuk

Pantjoran Chinatown Pantai Indah Kapuk

A number of culinary spots in the Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area are gaining popularity among the public, and one standout is Pantjoran Chinatown PIK.
True to its name, Pantjoran is a Chinese-themed culinary district on Golf Island PIK, embracing the concept of a Chinatown or Chinese village.

Notably, Pantjoran exudes a rich oriental ambiance, evident in its buildings, architecture, ornaments, and the striking use of colors like red and gold. It even boasts a Pagoda within Pantjoran PIK.

Inspired by the culinary Chinatown in the Pancoran area, West Jakarta, Pantjoran PIK derives its name from 'pancoran,' meaning a water fountain in Betawi folklore.

Here's essential information about Pantjoran Chinatown PIK that you should know before planning a visit.

Location and Directions to Pantjoran Chinatown PIK
The location, opening hours, and facilities at Pantjoran Chinatown PIK 
Pantjoran Chinatown is situated on Golf Island, part of the Pantai Maju region, an artificial island in the northern bay of Jakarta, precisely in Kamal Muara, North Jakarta.

Pantjoran is conveniently located near other culinary hotspots in PIK, such as Cove at Batavia, Central Market PIK, and Urban Farm PIK.

To reach Pantjoran, various transportation options are available based on safety, comfort, and budget. For those using private vehicles, Pantjoran is accessible via the Jakarta Outer Ring Road.

For commuters using the KRL (commuter trains), Jakarta Kota Station is a convenient stop, followed by a taxi or online motorcycle ride. TransJakarta users can alight at Gold Coast PIK.

Opening Hours and Admission to Pantjoran Chinatown PIK
Pantjoran operates from Monday to Sunday, opening at 07:00 and closing at 23:00 WIB (Western Indonesia Time). Weekends, particularly Saturdays and Sundays, tend to be busy, with peak hours from late afternoon to evening.

Entrance to Pantjoran Chinatown PIK is free; visitors only need to purchase food and drinks from the various shops within the area.

Cuisine at Pantjoran Chinatown PIK
Pantjoran Chinatown boasts numerous shops or tenants offering a diverse range of culinary delights, including both halal and non-halal options.

Location, opening hours, and facilities at Pantjoran Chinatown PIK 
Photography Spots and Facilities
No modern-day outing is complete without capturing moments in photographs. Pantjoran Chinatown offers several captivating photo spots, including the Pagoda, Chinese village murals, elegant windows, Chinese-styled pillars, and various corners of the shops, all perfect for Instagram.

In addition to being a culinary destination, Pantjoran PIK provides facilities such as the Pagoda, currently accessible only on the first floor, typically used for bazaars. Visitors of Tao and Kong Hu Chu faiths can also pray at Pantjoran PIK, where statues of Dewi Kwan Im, Dewa Guan Gong, and Dewa Cai Shen are present.

Other amenities include handwashing areas and toilets supporting health protocols, diverse photo spots, and gathering areas for live music.

Pantjoran Chinatown PIK caters not only to families but also welcomes pets, making it a friendly space for those with furry companions.

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