Taman Air Mancur Sri Baduga - A Gem in the Heart of Purwakarta

Taman Air Mancur Sri Baduga - A Gem in the Heart of Purwakarta

Nestled in the charming region of Situ Buleud, Purwakarta, West Java, Taman Air Mancur Sri Baduga is a captivating water fountain park that has become an iconic attraction for both locals and visitors. Beyond its mesmerizing water dance shows, this park holds historical significance and offers a delightful escape into nature and culture.

At the heart of Taman Air Mancur Sri Baduga lies a captivating water fountain show that gracefully dances to life. This spectacle, featuring synchronized water movements and vibrant lights, has not only become a source of entertainment for Purwakarta's residents but also draws spectators from far and wide, both within Indonesia and abroad.

The water fountain, standing at an impressive six meters, moves like a dancer illuminated by a spectrum of colorful lights. Its presence is a source of pride for the people of Purwakarta, with many considering Taman Air Mancur Sri Baduga's beauty rivaling that of Singapore's renowned Time of Wings.

For those seeking culinary adventures, the area around Taman Air Mancur Sri Baduga offers a variety of options. From ayam geprek to pepes, coffee shops, and barbecues, the diverse range of local cuisines caters to every palate, ensuring a delightful experience for all visitors.

Before transforming into Taman Air Mancur Sri Baduga, the area was known as Situ Buleud, a circular and expansive lake. Situ Buleud's origin is intertwined with the relocation of the capital of Karawang Regency from Wanayasa to Sindangkasih. The creation of Situ Buleud, initiated by Bupati RA Suriawinata in the early 19th century, served dual purposes – as a water source for the government and people of Purwakarta and as a recreational area.

Admission to Taman Air Mancur Sri Baduga is free, and tickets can be obtained offline at various locations, including Galeri Menong, Radio Pro FM office, and the Disporaparbud office. Online ticket options are also in development.

Opening Hours: The water fountain show takes place from 19:30 to 20:30 WIB every Saturday or Sunday night.
Getting There: The park is approximately 2.8 km from Purwakarta City, with a travel time of about seven minutes. Access can be through Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jalan Suradireja, Jalan Surawinata, Jalan KK Singawinata, and Taman Air Mancur Sri Baduga.

Taman Air Mancur Sri Baduga is not just a park; it's a cultural and visual extravaganza that enchants all who visit. Whether you come for the water show, the culinary delights, or the historical charm, this gem in Purwakarta promises an experience that lingers, leaving you with fond memories of its beauty and warmth.

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