Melukat At Pura Campuhan Windhu Sagara Denpasar Bali Indonesia

The Beauty of Pura Campuhan Windhu Sagara

This time I had the opportunity to visit Pura Campuhan Windhu Segara - Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, To perform "melukat" at this temple This beautiful temple is very close to Padang Galak Beach, approximately 30 minutes from Denpasar.

This temple, with its three "kedongan" (abodes of the gods), stands out from other temples because of its proximity to the sea and the river.

Usually, tourists who come here immediately engage in prayers and bathe with the river water flowing into the sea. The view of this temple is exceptional because it is adorned with river plants such as lotus flowers and water lilies. It adds to faith and piety.

This temple is already well-known as a destination for "melukat," especially among the locals. Visitors who come to Pura Campuhan Windhu Sagara generally hope to achieve physical and spiritual purity.

To perform "melukat" at this temple, there are several items to prepare, including bringing "pejati," "canang sari," and "klungah nyuh gading" or young yellow coconut.

You will be invited to participate in the "melukat" process, then bathe in the "campuhan," the area where river water and sea water meet.

"Melukat," according to Hindu tradition in Bali, is a ritual of self-purification usually performed at a "pancoran" or the confluence of two springs, as well as at the beach. One of the places for melukat in Bali is Pura Campuhan Windhu Sagara, located on the edge of Padang Galak Beach, Kesiman Village, Denpasar.

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