La Riviera PIK 2 - Soaking in the Dutch Canal Vibes Not Far from Jakarta

La Riviera PIK 2 - Soaking in the Dutch Canal Vibes Not Far from Jakarta

This time, I had the opportunity to visit one of the trending tourist attractions in Jakarta, La Riviera PIK 2, located in Pantai Indah Kapuk. La Riviera PIK 2 is a recreational area designed with European-style architecture, reminiscent of Amsterdam.

La Riviera PIK 2 is a tourist area with an Amsterdam-inspired design. Due to its Instagrammable features, many visitors take photos, especially along the river in the middle of the area. This man-made river is often used for boating activities when the weather is clear. If you're in the mood for a food hunt, you can explore various offerings from the available tenants.

To reach La Riviera PIK 2, you can use private transportation or public transportation like the KRL. From any departure station, stop at Rawa Buaya Station, which is the closest to the PIK area. After that, continue with public transportation, such as an online motorcycle taxi, to reach La Riviera PIK 2.

La Riviera PIK 2 doesn't have specific operating hours, so visitors can come at any time. However, there's a recommended time to visit, around 4:00 PM. During this time, the sunset at La Riviera PIK 2 is exceptionally beautiful and aesthetic for photography, especially if you try boating in the river area.

Entering La Riviera PIK 2 is free of charge. Visitors only need to pay if they dine at one of the tenants or choose to go boating. The boat ride fee on the lake at La Riviera PIK 2 is Rp35,000.
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